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Help me!

Hello, all. =D I've sadly have been neglecting this group, and I feel bad about that, but it's Summer now, so I have more time to work on the group. Let me get to point; it's been very inactive here, and I want to change that. I want to make this place a place you love posting at. I want to make this place fun. But to do this; I need help. Loads of help, actually. So, would you please tell me what you want to see more of from here. Contests, essays, poems, crafts, or etc. ? What would make you want to post here more? Please, post your thoughts, ideas, or criticism about the group. I just want to make this a better place. ^_^ I love you guys!
- Britney

PS: Epi. 10 is out, but Matt and Andrew are not on it. But they will be on it soon. Everyone's in different time zones, and it makes it hard for them to schedule it.
Matthew Britton and Andrew Sims will be guest hosts on the next episode of Twilight Talk. Andrew has recently been to set of Twilight. So, if you have any questions for them, be sures to email them to the Twilight Talkers! ^_^

Also, Lindsay added our group to their links on their podomatic account. Thanks Lindsay! Woot! =D

Mar. 30th, 2008

The Twilight Talkers, have an exciting announcement, which they'll probably announce in episode 9. It's an awesome bit of news, I assure you. =D They are stoked about it.
- Berts

PS: Feel free to post any feedback, guys!
Hello, welcome to a community devoted to the exciting, Twilight podcast; Twilight Talk. I hope you will join this group, and take part in this new community. =)
If you want information about the podcast check the user info page, and if you don't find what you need, feel free to PM me, and I will try to help you the best I can. ^_^
Your Mod,